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*Training and competing in Martial Arts since 9 years of age.


*Styles studied include Shotokan Karate, Muay Thai, Boxing and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (Purple Belt).


*Technical Detail, a true Martial Arts fan who is always on the lookout for new training methods and techniques.





Colin Nwadike - Head Coach

*Began Martial Arts Career with French Kickboxing style Savate.


*Explosivenes and Dynamic teaching style.


*A seeker of knowledge -  To date Christian has trained in MMA Gyms in Thailand, Berlin, Munich, Oslo, Amsterdam, Zurich and Barcelona.


*Christian also currently holds a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Purple Belt.

Christian Ivaldi -Head Coach

Tiago Valente - Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Duane 'Hotshot' Sinclair - Boxing


Our top quality coaches boast a vast array of experience and coaching knowledge.

Gained over years of competing and training in a number of Martial Arts styles and gyms around the world they are experts in how to get the best out of students to help them achieve their goals.



Jay Marway  - Yoga

Jay is Certified Yoga Teacher, reiki practitioner and closely studies MMA conditioning principles. Having spent over a decade working in the architectural industry she now focuses on the structure of the human body to enhance stability, functionality and energy flow.


Her style of yoga is primarily is based around Hatha Yoga, a practice over 5000 years old. She blends this with different techniques from various disciplines, both traditional and modern.




From an early age Duane was involved in sport, starting with Karate at 8 years old and then at the age of 13 went on to kick boxing.


After recovering from a kick boxing injury he continued his quest for the ultimate sport that he would be best suited to and joined South Norwood and Victory amateur boxing club where he met Terry Smith, Mark Gillespie and also at that time Will Gardner.


They recognised his talent and refined his boxing skills and from here he embarked on an impressive amateur boxing career.

Duane at the age of 25, amassed an impressive 32 wins from 38 fights and picked up numerous honours.


Duane progressed his boxing career at Queensbury Boxing League, and was given a chance to engage in a paid bout on the unlicensed boxing scene.  Having successfully sold 150 tickets and competing, it was a natural progression to go from amateur to pro.


Duane is currently an unbeaten professional boxer.