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Are the classes suitable for beginners?

Yes!  We always have other beginners in class for you to pair up with. There are a wide range of abilities and fitness levels and everyone trains together.


What is the minimum age for training?

Our Junior classes start from 5 years of age.


How do I start training at NWA?

Fill in a free trial form on the website or Just turn up and join in.


I want to compete, how do I go about this?

The instuctor will let you know when you are ready to compete, and will take care of organising fights.


What equipment do I need to start training?

The essentials are just t-shirts, shorts and gumshield. The rest is available at the club. After a while you may wish to acquire your own 16oz gloves, MMA gloves, shin pads and groin guard.


How much does it cost to train?

All of our prices and costs are detailed on the membership section of the website.



You must keep youself and your equipement clean to prevent infections! Toe and fingers nails must be kept short. Shower as soon as possible after training, and using some antibacterial shower gel is ideal. Any cuts should be covered during training. If you have any skin rashes, do not train until they have cleared up.



Leave your ego at the door!


Apply submissions with slow and even pressure, releasing as soon as your opponent taps. If he doesn't want to tap, let him go, and transition to something else.


No heel hooks or neck cranks unless the instructor has given permission.


Tap the opponent (not the mat!).


Listen when the coach is talking.


Respect your training partners.


NO shoes on the mat.


Be on time for class.


No jewellery whilst training.

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FAQ & Gym Rules:

Those whom we are fortunate enough to call our members will be quick to tell you that New Wave Academy is like one big close knit family. We train hard, help each other, have fun and laugh together.


However, for things to run as smoothly as they do it does require that everybody new and old observe some basic rules and etiquette.